Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Lords of Puppets, Part III

Puppets can serve many masters. Supernatural lords serve divinities and cults, and the mortals who follow both can serve as vessels for such power. And though they are called angelic, fey, demonic, or devilish, they aren't necessarily innately lawful, good, chaotic, or evil. Any divinity or cult can have such servants, though the more likely ones are noted below.

Puppet Divinities & Cults

Greek & Roman
Apanchomene (Artemis/ Diana): Espousing childlike innocence, she is served by angelic and fey lords.
Dionysus/ Bacchus: As used in his theatres,  fey and demonic lords abound.
Hecate/ Trivia: Demanding justice via magic poppets, she is served by angelic and devilish lords.

Freya: Loving magic makes dolls of us all, and she is served by angelic and fey lords.
Hel: Dark tidings can be proper playthings, so demonic and devilish lords serve her.
Loki: Mischievous mocking personified, he is suitably served by fey and demonic lords.

Balor: Crude and critical, some find puppets a fitting way, so he is served by demonic and devilish lords.
Danu: Being one for the ways of one's people and fey magic, she is served by angelic and fey lords.
Gwydion: Transformation and tricks help one to see the bigger picture. Fey and devilish  lords serve him.

Ilmarinen: Maker of dolls, angelic and fey lords serve him.

Mokosh: A good mother entertains children well, so she is served by angelic and fey lords.
Morana: Coldness might hold and move us. Angelic and demonic lords serve her.

Glycon: Claimed to be Asclepius or a snake spirit (or both), this being is possibly the Shield Ghul, and is served by angelic and demon lords in any case.
Tezschnaz: Goblin shamans are eccentric to say the least, and it is served by demonic and devilish lords.

Now You'll Do the Talking!
a Puppet Lord Encounter

Though they can please both the youthful and the magically interested, puppets can turn on their masters, demanding such roles be reversed. 

(Each square = 5') 

Cottage: This building looks charming and rustic, though otherwise deserted. It has various windows, though only a single door leading in. The doormat out front says 'Welcome!'

2. Hallway/ Mudroom: Many paintings line the walls. Most show an elderly man with a smiling puppet. A number of empty spaces indicate that some paintings have been recently removed.

3. Bedroom: A single bed, chest, table, and woodstove (lit) are here. Close examination will show that a smaller (puppet-sized) bedspread has been strangely placed in the middle.

4. Bath Room: A large wooden soaking tub is here, large enough for a person or two. Though pleasantly warm, a strange smell will be noted. Examination will find dog remains inside, likely a pet that met some tragic (puppet) fate.

5. Kitchen: A large table, two chairs, and woodstove (also lit) fill this place. An elderly man dressed in fancy robes feverishly works at the corner counter, attempting and arranging confectionary. If disturbed, he will demand the party leave.

If not, then he will attack, strangely without using spells. 

Austil, Deranged Elderly Man
Mve: 40’, AC 9, HD 1, HP 5 Attk: 1, Dmg: 1d3 (knife), SP: Is actually a 4th level magic-user, but currently without power, Sve: M4, Mor: 6, AL: N

6. Sitting Room:
Sitting upon the furthest chair at the table is a plush puppet with a bizarre mien. Upon the table are scattered paintings (showing Austil with his loyal hound). A chamber pot, counter, and small stand are here too, the latter covered with confectionary. What is more striking is the foul graffiti festooning the walls, saying such things as 'Get me candy!', 'Now you'll do the talking!', and 'How does it feel to stick a hand up your...?'

Cutsie the Demonic Puppet
MV: 30’, AC 8, HD 4, HP 24, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d4+2, SP: puppet immunities (see Part II), use of Austil's 4th level magic-user powers and spells, SV: F4, Mor: 9, AL: C

Of course, Austil made the mistake of working with a demonic lord of puppets. Suffering a puppet test, his puppet 'Cutsie' became animate, turned on him, and has relegated him to being the servant for the next 52 hours.

Next week: our series of Lords continues with Lords of Realms!