Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Lords of Champions, Part III

Divinities & Cults of Champions
When their faithful is in need, the gods can send champions to aid their efforts.

Greek & Roman
Artemis / Diana: fey & elemental earth
Athena / Minerva: angelic
Ares / Mars: demonic & elemental fire
Hades / Dis Pater: devilish & elemental earth
Poseidon / Neptune: fey & elemental water
Zeus / Jupiter: angelic & elemental air

Norse & Anglo-Saxon
Hretha / Sigyn: fey & elemental air
Odin / Woden: angelic & elemental air
Surtur: devilish & elemental fire
Thor / Tunor: angelic & elemental earth
Thrym: demonic & elemental cold
Tyr / Tiw: angelic

Balor: demonic & elemental fire
Bran: angelic & elemental earth
Cernunnos: fey & elemental earth
Lugh: angelic & fey
the Morrighan: fey & demonic

Lemminkainen: angelic & fey
Louhi: devilish & demonic 
Mielikki: fey & elemental earth

Dazbog: fey & elemental fire
Perun: angelic & elemental air
Svarog: elemental air & angelic
Veles: fey & demonic

Nergal: demonic & devilish
Orcus: demonic (orc warriors)

Master of Battles
A Lords of Champions Encounter

The caves ahead are said to house a dangerous warrior indeed. Why he remains inside is unclear, but his war prowess certainly isn't.

Map by (modified)
Each square = 5'. Ceiling - floor height ranges from 5 + 1d6'

1. The cave entrance yawns overhead. Over time, many dire warnings have been etched on its outer walls, often with a leering skull image.

2. This chamber is rife with fallen bodies. Various types of nearby inhabitants had tried to venture in it seems, only to be met with a hacked doom. Now their corpses are left with looks of horror upon their faces. 

3. Multiple weapons, armor, and other useful things are neatly arranged about the walls of this chamber. Strangely too is a map on the wall with various marks. From the northern end strides forth the inhabitant: a grim, skulled adversary wielding a mighty axe.

Ekag, Devilish Champion
MV: 40’, AC 5, HD 5, HP: 40, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d8+2 (great axe), SP: Grim Warrior (x2), Undead Warrior (see Part II for details), SV: F5, Mor: 10, AL: LE, Items: great axe, armor, 150 gps (in the form of valuables scattered throughout this location).

Those who resist his compounded grim warrior fear effect (save vs. spell or flee for 2d6 rounds) will likely soon learn to fear his axe. 

Ekag had been summoned via a spell, but his summoner pushed too hard and experienced a champion test. The former seeks to track down and slay the fool to this day.

Next week: our series continues with Lords of Blessings & Curses!