Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Clerics of Freyr Part II)

picture by W.G. Collingwood, 1908: aren’t Gerdr’s glittering arms hot?

As god of fertility, Freyr grants healing, along with a little something something more.

1-3. Wooing Health: The healing may occur, but only after the patient gives up his or her most prized mount or weapon. It will be returned within 1d6 hour's time, or the patient can opt to have Skirnir take it permanently. In this second case, there is a 1% chance (+ 1% per Charisma bonus the patient has, if any) that Skirnir will return with an attractive giant spouse for the patient within 1d6 hours. Otherwise, there is a 10% chance of him returning with an unattractive giant spouse instead! Finally, if the patient has neither mount nor weapon to give, then the healing occurs without any side-effect.

4-5. Gullinbursti-ride: Like Freyr, the patient will need either to ride in a chariot, enjoy the sun’s rays, and/or bask in some other golden wealth for at least 1d20 minutes first, before receiving the healing, preferably with a boar present.

6-8. Fertile Tilling: The healing needs a little encouragement from the cleric before it can commence. Whether it be a field or a maiden, the cleric will need to lay plow for at least 4d6 minutes. Afterwards, the healing will occur and with double the effect, if the field or the maiden is either a giantess, elvish, or a Swede.

9-12. Blessing of Freyr: The recipient is automatically healed for the spell’s full amount. What is more, if he or she happens to have made love, received at least 3d6 gold pieces, or has interacted with either giants, magic boar, elves, and/or Swedes sometime during the last 12 hours, then he or she also gains a +2 bonus to all Saves for the next 1d12 hours, +6 if all three apply.