Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Clerics of Frey (Part IV)

Illustration: Frederick Sander, 1893
of Skirnir, the original matchmaker

Cleric Spells (Freyr)

Clerics of Freyr have access to the following spells:

1st Level: Create Water (when near a field), Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Light (with an appearance from Gullinbursti), Purify Food & Drink, Protection From Evil, Sanctuary, Charm Person*, Enlarge* (on one’s ‘sword’ only: see Fertile Ways results 12-13 for details), Divine Weather D, Entangle D, Faerie Fire D

2nd Level: Augury, Bless, Delay Poison, Holy Chant, Resist Fire (when mounted), Speak with Animal (boars and horses only), Rope Trick* (rope leads to the extradimensional galley of Skidbladnir instead)

3rd Level: Cure Blindness, Cure Disease, Prayer, Remove Curse, Striking (on swords and other pointy objects only), Tiny Hut* (as Rope Trick, above), Plant Growth D, Summon Animal ID (boars and horses only)

4th Level: Create Food and Water, Cure Serious Wounds, Divination, Neutralize Poison, Protection from Evil 10’ Radius, Blodughofi (as Dimension Door*, but requires cleric to be mounted), Enchant Arms (swords only), Summon Sylvan Beings D, Temperature Control D

5th Level: Cure Critical Wounds, Dispel Evil, Plane Shift (to Alfheim only), Distort Distance*, Gullinbursti (as Faithful Hound*, but is a phantom boar that can also cast Light at will), Commune with Nature D

6th Level: Find the Path, Heal, Summon Aerial Servant (can only be used to retrieve a suitable mate for the cleric, though making threats is fine too), Control Weather D

7th Level: Regenerate, Restoration, Magic Sword*, Skidbladnir (as Teleport*, but requires a folding ship model that can teleport up 12 individuals at a time or alternatively, transform into an actual sea vessel), Control Weather (greater) D

Fertile Field Encounters

Roll or pick to determine what one might find in such places sacred to Freyr.

Special Features (roll 1d8)
1. Magic Node (see Divinities and Cults, Volume II)
2. A nice well
3. Abundant crops
4. Especially fertile livestock
5. Unclaimed gold coins (1d20)
6. Potent Nature Spirit (see Divinities and Cults, Volume II)
7. Great sunbathing spot
8. Burial Mound

Folk (roll 1d6)
1. Swedes
2. Elves
3. Other Norse
4. Other humans
5. Attractive Giants
6. Unattractive Giants

Notable Wildlife (roll 1d6)
1. Boar
2. Horses
3. Weather change
4-6. Per Meadow Encounters (see Divinities and Cults: Volume I)

Events (roll 1d4)
1. Group Fertility Rite
2. Random spirit encounter (see Divinities and Cults: Volume II)
3. Wagon or Ship procession
4. Lovers in the fields