Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Totems: Wolf, Part III

 “Hunger drives the wolf out of the wood.” – German Proverb

Totem Tests
-9. Lupine urges overwhelm the devotee, forcing him to lose access to one or more of his spells and/or special abilities (50% chance for each one) until he performs some deed. Roll 1d8 for each one lost to see what must be done to get it back.
[1] Take down one prey with only his has hands, teeth, or other natural weapons. 
[2] Guard at least a 1d6 x 100' diameter area from any non-wolf follower interlopers for at least 1d6 turns, killing them if need be.
[3] Establish dominance over another so as to best empower his pack.
[4] Breed with one's mate, or if unavailable, find a fitting one to breed with for the rest of his life.
[5] Run unclad in the woods, acting wolfishly, marking territory for 1d6 turns.
[6] Commune with wolf spirits, doing nothing else but drum, dance, chant, or the like for 2d6 turns.
[7] Slay at least 2d3 livestock and feast upon their raw flesh.
[8] Destroy a non-wolfish magic item.

10-13. The spirits demand more of the wolf follower, lasting for the next 7d4 days. And if the same is experienced twice in a row, it becomes permanent. Roll 1d4.
[1] His power wanes in the daytime and waxes at night, especially under the full moon. He suffers a -2 penalty to all wolf totem-related rolls when the sun is up, but a +1 bonus at night, +3 under a full moon.
[2] He behaves wolfishly, even when it would seem inopportune.
[3] Like the wolf, he may only have his hunger satisfied with fresh meat. Eating anything else will make him feel ill.
[4] His bite confers the wolf totem-hunger. When a worthy target (per Referee) is found, he must bite them. The target must then save vs. death/ make a Will save DC 10 or become a wolf totem follower too. The wolf-hunger can only be conferred once per instance of this test. 

14-16. The wolf shows more apparent in the follower now. He transforms forevermore, gaining some wolf trait along with a cumulative 15% chance of causing fear or revulsion in any non-wolf types who notice it. The trait also increases the chances of experiencing the totemic side-effect Carnage! by one by replacing another totemic side-effect with it too. Roll 1d4 to see which trait is bestowed, rerolling if the same is rolled more than once, becoming increasingly a wolf hybrid.
[1] Wolf Senses: gain superior hearing and sense of smell, allowing a +12 bonus to such checks.
[2] Wolf Head: gain a bite attack for 1d6 + their STR modifier damage, along with a +3 bonus to hit again after each successful attack.
[3] Wolf Feet: gain +15' speed.
[4] Wolf Fur: gain a +2 AC bonus and a +5 bonus to hide in woodland and/or cold settings.

 The moon rises and the devotee howls to greet it. It is then that the test begins, lasting 4d6 hours per totem test result over 16. And if he dies in the process, he can save vs. spell/ make a Will save DC 15 and barely survive instead. Roll 1d4.
[1] The devotee is turned into a werewolf, full of bloodthirsty frenzy.
[2] The devotee is turned into a normal wolf, though for 4d6 weeks instead,
[3] One dire wolf per totem test result over 16 tracks and attempts to eat the devotee and his comrades, arriving within half the time remaining of the test's duration. Its HD will be equal to the devotee's level.
[4] The devotee is sent to a Wolfish Otherworld, his body lying comatose and his spirit returning with 1d10 hit points lost  per 3 hours gone.

Next week: Totems: Wolf, Part IV!