Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Elves, Part V

Elven Divinities & Cults
Elves often see their divinities more collegially than humans do. For example, elves may maintain that (select or roll 1d6): 
1. Their divinities are near equals, just very powerful elves, though still worthy of admiration. 
Elves are part of their divinity's entourage, and truly set apart from other mortal folk.
Their deities frequently bless them- they are their favored people.
Though elves are the chosen people, their divinities have been absent of late.
Their gods might be distinct, but elves are quite skilled in earning their favor.
Elves pray to gods much like humans do. It is no matter.

Whatever their view, such an outlook is reflected in the elven use of distinct magical side-effect tables (detailed in Parts III & IV) rather than the standard ones used for their deities. And, in addition to determining which divine tests and spells they may have access to, elves also associate the various special abilities they receive as gifts from their gods. The listed abilities are noted for high elves first, then grey elves, wood elves, wild elves, and finally, dark elves. Humans can emulate elven abilities with the spell Assume Elvish Quality (detailed below), harnessing some elven power that matches their cult for a time

Unique elven perspectives on a number of their deities follow, accompanied by the names the elves are known by. These beliefs can be substituted for or used in addition to one or more of a god's or goddess's usual tenets.

The prosperous wonder of the alfar and Alfheim benefits many. Most who follow him are high elves, while a good number are gray elves, espousing high adventure and the plenty that can come with it.
Usual Abilities (roll 1d10): [1] elf lord, [2] hyperborean, [3] elvish music, [4] elvish weapon, [5] elvish items, [6] faerie blood, [7] hidden in the wood, [9] reroll twice, [10] other elf ability

Beauteous magic and the warring craft of the alfar and huldrafolk yield undying interest. Mainly high elves, she counts a sizeable number of gray and wood elves amongst her faithful too: beautiful, loving, and free.
Usual abilities (roll 1d12): [1] hyperborean, [2] divine blood, [3] elf warrior, [4] elf seer, [5] elf mage, [6] elf mystic, [7] 
elf nymph, [8] unearthly beauty, [9] nature friend, [10] spirit elf, [11] reroll twice, [12] other elf ability

The many talents of the sidhe is expressed in greatness. Most are gray elves, though some high elves call him patron as well, all striving for superior craftmanship in all things.
Usual abilities (roll 1d12 twice, gain both abilities, but each only work 75% of the time they're attempted): [1] elf lord, [2] elf warrior, [3] elvish music, [3] high-born, [4] elf knight, [5] elf mage, [6] elf rogue, [7] elvish mariner, [8] elf rogue, [9] elvish item, [10] elf druid, [11] elf ranger, [12] reroll twice again

With the enduring hold of the earth, the sidhe can last an eternity. Many of her tribe are gray elves, though plentiful wood elves honor her too, perpetuating a naturalistic, fey land.
Usual abilities (roll 1d10): [1] elvish items, [2] faerie blood, [3] elf mystic, [4] elvish acrobat, [5] unearthly beauty. [6] spirit elf, [7] elf druid, [8] nature friend, [9] reroll twice, [10] other elf ability

The dryopes' secrecy and amazing woodcraft are forever sacrosanct. Naturally that includes mostly wood elves, but a certain amount of wild elves are ubiquitous as well, protecting their lands from those uninvited.
Usual abilities (roll 1d12): [1] elf druid, [2] elf ranger, [3] hidden in the wood, [4] nature friend, [5] natural archer, [6] oak totem, [7] wandering feast, [8] atavistic, [9] elf hunter, [10] stag totem, [11] way of Selene, [12] reroll twice

Hyperborean light, music, and might shines forth. What would be more fitting than high elves, with a lesser number of gray elves, refining that brightness too?
Usual abilities (roll 1d12): [1] elf lord, [2] high born, [3-5] hyperborean, [6] divine blood, [7] elf seer, [8] elvish music, [9] elvish weapon, [10] elvish items, [11] reroll twice, [12] other elf ability 

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Assume Elvish Quality (3rd Level Cleric Spell)
Casting Time: 1 round
Range: touch
Duration: 1d3 turns
Effect: Gain or grant a randomly determined elvish ability that is associated with the divinity you follow. For example, a follower of Artemis could gain one of the elven abilities on her list above for the spell's duration.

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