Monday, February 7, 2022

Dwarves, Part I

Special: Dwarves begin play with the following modifiers.
     * +1d2 Strength, Wisdom, & Constitution, along with -1d2 Dexterity & -1d4 Charisma.
     * +2d4 bonus to crafting and engineering-related checks, being naturally akin to made things.
     * Are short and stocky, often bearded (at least for males), and move more slowly, taking a -10' penalty to their speed, though they also ignore any movement penalties from wearing heavy armor and/or when spelunking.
     * Advance in level at a rate 10% slower than humans, being fairly stubborn and unwilling to change.
     * Naturally hate orcs and goblinoids, and must save vs. spell/ make a Will save DC 15 to refrain from attacking them on sight, even if inopportune. Black dwarves may instead tolerate such humanoids as useful underlings.
     * They also generally dislike elves too.

Associated Divinities & CultsVulcan, Ilmarinen, Dagda, Svarog, Thor, Loki, Dis PaterUncle Steel Dwarf
And as a racial class, they have the following rules.
HD: d6+2
Attack Bonus: +1 per 2 levels, rounded down
Saving Throws: Fortitude & Will-type: +1 bonus per level. Reflex-type: +1 bonus per 3 levels.
Allowed Weapons: Axe, hammer, mace, dagger, & 1 more of their choice
Allowed Armor: Any
Special Abilities: Dwarves gain unique abilities as they advance in level. Each one also has a requirement too.
* They gain two special abilities at 1st level: one selected at random and the other picked. 
* They can then pick an additional special ability at every level thereafter

While all of the abilities are listed under a particular dwarf type, with the Referee's permission they may be selected from other dwarf types too (keeping in mind that dwarves are very traditional and usually stick to one list). In any case, each ability can be selected more than once, allowing the bonuses to compound each other. For example, selecting Dwarf Fighter twice would grant double the listed benefits. 

Hill Dwarves
Dwarf Lord: gain a +1 attack bonus with one of their allowed weapons, though their experience penalty becomes 25% (instead of just 10%) because of their increased stubbornness. One of their weapons, shields, or suits of armor also gains a permanent dwarf rune on it, granting either a +1 bonus to attack, damage, to AC, or even a +3 bonus to saves.
Dwarf Cleric: gain the spellcasting abilities of a 1st level cleric, but will insist on only following strict dwarven traditions at all times. See also Part III for magical side-effects.
Dwarf Fighter: gain a +1 
bonus to attack, +2 hit points, and a +1 AC bonus. Add 1 other weapon type to their allowed list too, but they usually are hostile to any elves or similar types that they first meet.
Dwarf Smith: can craft items worth 1d6+3 gold pieces for every day of work they do, but suffer a divine test from a smith god (such as Vulcan- see Volume II) once for every 12 items completed. 

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