Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Druids of Gwydion , Part IV

Spells of Gwydion
Such transformations Gwydion can bestow, granting such magic that few know.

1st Level
(All) Command, Detect Magic, Light, Protection from Evil, Purify Food & Drink, Remove Fear, Detect Snares and Pits (D), Entangle (D), Faerie Fire (D), Pass without Trace (D), Shillelagh (D), Speak with Animals (D), Charm Person*, Comprehend Languages*,  Mending*, Read Magic*, Scribe*, Shield*, Sleep*

Gwydion MagicianUnseen Servant*
Gwydion Trickster: Magic Aura*
Gwydion GuideMessage*

2nd Level
Augury, Bless, Delay Poison, Find Traps, Hold Person, Holy Chant, Reveal Charm, Speak with Animal, Barkskin (D), Charm Person or Mammal (D), Find Plant (D), Fire Trap (D), Obscuring Mist (D), Stumble (D), Amnesia*, Detect Invisible*, Levitate*, Magic Mouth*, Phantasmal Force*, Pyrotechnics*, Rope Trick*, Stinking Cloud*

Gwydion Magician
Mirror Image*
Gwydion Trickster: Auditory Illusion* or False Gold*
Gwydion GuideSpiritual Weapon

3rd Level
Cure Blindness, Cure Disease, Dispel Magic, Locate Object, Remove Curse (reversible), Call Lightning (D), Plant Growth (D), Snare (D), Stone Shape (D), Tree Shape (D), Clairaudience*, Clairvoyance*, Infravision*, Lightning Bolt*, Protection from Normal Missiles*

Gwydion Magician: Blink*
Gwydion Trickster: Invisibility*
Gwydion GuideStriking

4th Level
Create Food and Water, Divination, Neutralize Poison, Protection from Evil 10' Radius, Speak with Plants, Tongues, Hallucinatory Terrain (D), Hold Vegetation and Fungus (D), Passplant (D), Charm Monster*, Globe of Invulnerability (lesser)*, Polymorph Others*, Polymorph Self*

Gwydion Magician: Dimension Door*
Gwydion Trickster: Confusion*
Gwydion GuideEnchant Arms* (they also gain a +1 bonus to hit and to damage)

5th Level
Flame Strike, Quest, Plane Shift, Animal Growth (D), Control Winds (D), Tree Stride (D), Atmospheric Bubble*. Hold Monster*, Interposing Hand*, Passwall*, Secret Chest*, Telekinesis*, Wall of Force* 

Gwydion Magician: Teleport*
Gwydion Trickster: Feeblemind*
Gwydion Guide: True Seeing

6th Level
Animate Objects, Blade Barrier, Conjure Animals, Find the Path, Stone Tell, Summon Aerial Servant, Control Weather (D), Fire Seeds (D), Transport via Plants (D), Anti-Magic Shell*, Arcane Window*, Disintegrate*, Globe of Invulnerability*, Guards and Wards*, Irresistible Dance*, Move Earth*, Repulsion* (reversible)

Gwydion Magician: Word of Recall
Gwydion TricksterSpeak with Creatures
Gwydion GuideLegend Lore*

7th Level
Astral Projection, Gate, Regenerate, Antipathy//Sympathy*,  Animate Tree (as Animate Mineral, but creates a treant, D), Transmute Metal to Wood (D), Charm Plants*, Instant Summons*, Magic Sword*, Phase Door, Reverse Gravity*, Shape Change*

Gwydion MagicianDuo-Dimension*
Gwydion Trickster: Vanish*
Gwydion Guide: Grasping Hand*

Next week: we begin our series on Anglo-Saxon divinities, starting with Eorde!