Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Clerics of Hengist & Horsa, Part II

Magical Side-Effects of Hengist & Horsa
Realms to claim await. 

1. Headstrong: The magic must be cast in an aggressive, conquering way- how else to acquire new lands for one's people? If not, then the spell will do the opposite of what it's supposed to do, leading to the cleric potentially being conquered himself.

2. Sea Seax Raiders: If the spell occurs within view of the sea or at least lands that Anglo-Saxons would lay claim to, then it will work normally. If it isn't, then the spell will only function at 1/2 strength.

3. Realm of Eoh: It is now horse-mounted that the cleric must be, or at least bearing or viewing some equine sight. The magic will otherwise only happen 1d3 turns later.

4. Hyrde: Ready for a fight, if the cleric has allies on either side, then he gains a +2 bonus to hit and to AC until they fall or depart. Without them, he suffers the reverse. In either case, the effects last for 3d4 rounds.

5-8. Great Sign: The magic works normally this time, though it may reveal something to do with horses, conquest, twinhood, fertility, or cunning (a 33% chance). 

9-10. Aelf-shot: If cast in a cunning way, or at least to remedy that which was cunningly inflicted (especially by spirits), then the magic will enjoy a 50% bonus to its effect, range, or duration. Without that factor, the spell just works normally and the cleric will suffer a -2 to all rolls for the next 2d4 turns instead.

11. Vortigern's Lament: The conquered are gifts to the conquerors. If the spell is cast on one whose lands or spoils the cleric would claim, or even to encourage fertility (which certainly might involve lands or spoils as well), then its effect, range, or duration can be increased 100%.

12. Twin Lords: The magic occurs for twice its normal effect, range, or duration, as well as it not being expended so it can be cast again that day. In addition, if the cleric has a close counterpart (whether via blood, allyship, or the like) within 120' once the spell occurs, then that one may reroll the next roll they make, taking whichever result they prefer.


Horse Totem: One can substitute some of the results with the ones here (link).

Next week: Clerics of Hengist & Horsa, Part III!