Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Clerics of Woden, Part IV

Spells of Woden
Such wildness brings what the wælcyrgie sings. In addition, Woden's healing spells have a 75% chance of requiring the cleric to describe what's being done (e.g. bone to bone, blood to blood, etc.), for every time they're cast.

1st LevelCure Light Wounds, Detect Magic, Protection from Evil, Remove Fear (reversible), Resist Cold, Pass without Trace (D), Hold Portal*

2nd LevelAugury, Bless, Delay Poison, Hold Person, Holy Chant, Spiritual Weapon (held by a wælcyrgie), Snake Charm, Warp Wood (D),  Knock*, Scare*

3rd LevelCure Blindness (reversible), Cure Disease, Dispel Magic, Feign Death, Lesser Rune (as Glyph of Warding, but can trigger other spells too), Prayer, Remove Curse, Striking, Speak with Dead, Neutralize Poison (D), Snare (D), Explosive Runes*, Protection from Normal Missiles* 

4th LevelCure Serious Wounds, Divination, Protection from Evil 10’ Radius, Sticks to Snakes (reversible), Passplant (D), Confusion*, Fear*

5th LevelCommune, Cure Critical Wounds, True Seeing, Tree Stride (D), Feeblemind*

6th Level: Animate Objects (wooden statues only), Find the Path, Heal, Summon Spirit (wælcyrgie or landwing),  Dweomer of Rage*, Death Spell*, Legend Lore* 

7th Level: Irresistible Dance*, Restoration, Wind Walk, Finger of Death (D), Duo DImension*, Mind Blank*

The Weoh of Woden
an Anglo-Saxon Encounter
1. Fence: 5' tall, open slotted wood.
2. Outer Building: 8' tall at the peaked roof . Twin animal head gables at the north and south ends.
3. Gates: 5' wide, closed slots.
4. Open area: hardened ground, wooden columns supporting the roof above.
5. Wooden Idols: representations of Woden, and also Freo and Thunor placed behind a 4' high partition wall.
6. Sacrificial Pit: contains animal bones, 3' deep.
H. Hearths: sunken 3' deep, 5' in diameter, provide light and warmth to the temple as needed.

The Weoh (Anglo-Saxon Temple)
Administered by Coifbeald, a cleric of Woden (see below), the weoh can be placed in any Anglo-Saxon lands, even in ones newly acquired by them. And though idols to Freo and Thunor are also here, their worship is considered mainly supportive. The other divinities can be given more prominence or even be replaced entirely depending on what type of cleric is presiding. 

Magic Use
As with holy places of other cultures, Anglo-Saxon spellcasters can reroll their magical side-effect results while within the weoh. And since it is a somewhat unified pantheon, they may also pick which result they wish to keep if their divinity is currently prominent. Anglo-Saxon spellcasters only have a  50% chance of being able to do so if their divinity is in a supportive role though. Otherwise, they must abide by the second magical side-effect result.

Each time the party visits, the resident Cleric of Woden has a 75% chance of being present and the weoh being open. When he is there, Coifbeald has a 80% chance of behaving normally: removing his hood and assisting them if they are good Anglo-Saxons or allies, keeping his hood on and attempting to drive them off if they are not. 

He does have a 20% chance of behaving madly though, being taken greatly under the influence of Woden's inspiration.. In this case, he will grab his enchanted spear (which he usually leaves outside hidden behind a fence post), and start yelling at Woden and trying to stab his idol. Not actually being an idol, Woden will take little offense. Still others, not grasping the finer points of Woden's faith, may attempt to intervene, only to be targeted by Coifbeald instead. In any case, the cleric's rage will be sated after 2d6 rounds. He will then be exceedingly pleasant.

If asked about his outbursts, frequent visitors to the weoh will note that Coifbeald has done this on other occasions. They call it him being 'Coify' or 'Coifi'.

Coifbeald, Lvl 5 Anglo-Saxon cleric of Woden, Align: N, MV: 40’, AC: 6, HD: 5-1, Atk: 1 (spear), Dmg: 1d6, SP: Aged (x2, +2 WIS, -2 CON), Hooded One (+4 to drive away others; same penalty to receive affection), Inspired-Touched (x2, 20% chance of behaving madly per holy or unholy place encounter), spells prepared (1st: Cure Light Wounds, Detect Magic, Remove Fear (reversed), Pass without Trace (D), Hold Portal*; 2nd: Augury,  Hold Person, Spiritual Weapon (held by a wælcyrgie), Snake Charm, Knock*; 3rd: Lesser Rune, Protection from Normal Missiles*, SV: C5, Mor: 9, Items: holy symbol, hooded cloak, +1 spear, dagger, golden ring, 5d20 gold pieces.

The weoh can serve as a place for the party to rest and receive support, or for them to attempt to defeat. It all depends on whether they are seen as good Anglo-Saxons or allies or not, and how they see Coifbeald and his madness.

Next week: we begin a new series of divinity encounters, starting with Apollo!