Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Poseidon Encounters, Part I

The tides may bring all things, Poseidon will provide regardless, though some of his followers may emphasize one more than others.

Main Emphasis (d20)
1-2. Set your sails for adventure!
3-4. Respect the sea, ‘tis Lord Poseidon’s domain
5-6. 'Tis good work in avasting ye scallywags!
7. There’s Poseidon’s work in earthquakes too
8-9. Horses, Horse Totem
10. Bulls, Bull Totem
11. Fish, Fish Totem
12. Rivalry with other gods
13. Abduction of potential wives, and the resulting offspring
14. Archaic, Mycenean
15-20. All are emphasized

For example, if a cleric of Poseidon's focus was on horses & the horse totem, then he could get the bonus to one of his spell rolls when around them (instead of a body of water) and even adjust magical side-effect result #4 (It's time for a dip!) to require hopping on the next horse he sees instead.


Male Classes (85% chance, d12)
1-5. Cleric 
6-12. Priest

Female Classes (15% chance, d12)
1-2. Cleric
3-12. Priestess

Hair Color (d8)
1-2. blond
3-5. brunette
6-8. black

Build (d6)
1-2. Slender
3-5. Medium
6. Stocky

Complexion (d6)
1. fair
2-3. medium
4-6. tanned

Garb (d8)
1-4. long robes
5-6. sailor clothing
7-8. scanty

Special Possessions (percent chance each)
- Magic Shell: after being played or listened to for 1d3 rounds, can summon 1d6 porpoises (or the like) or allow clairaudience (per the spell) in water environments, up to 3 times per day (10% per level)
- Magic item (7% per level)
- Magic weapon (7% per level)

Main Weapon (d6)
1. trident
2. net
3. harpoon
4. cutlass
5. hook
6. knife

Special Qualities (percent chance)
These can be adjusted by the follower of Poseidon's main emphasis too.
- Divine Blood (5%): gain +2 to Constitution or Charisma (determined at random)
- Minotaur has been born at some point, per Divine Test #14 (5% per level)
- Fused Fish Legs for hours or longer, per Divine Test #15 (4% per level, if encountered near a large body of water)
- Cyclops has been summoned at some point, per Divine Test #17 (3% per level)

Sample Cleric-Types of Poseidon
LydusLvl 6 Greek cleric of Poseidon, Align: C, MV: 20'/ swim 80', AC 8, HD: 6, HP: 30, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d8+1 (+1 trident), SP: cleric abilitiescyclops has been summoned at some point, fused fish legs for the next 3 hoursspells prepared 
(1st Level: Create Water, Cure Light Wounds, Purify Food and Drink (making it kind of salty), Protection from Evil, 2nd Level: Augury, Bless,  Hold Person (a phantom plank or anchor may appear under the target), 3rd Level: Animal Growth (sea creatures, horses, and bulls only), Cure Blindness)SV: C6, Mor: 9, Items: holy symbol, scanty garb, +1 trident, knife, 40 gold pieces. Main Emphasis: Respect the sea, ‘tis Lord Poseidon’s domain. Appearance: black hair, medium build, tanned complexion.

Oitane, Lvl 3 Greek priestess of Poseidon, Align: C, MV: 40', AC 6, HD: 3, HP: 18, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d3 (knife), SP: nature priest abilities, spells prepared (1st Level: Protection from Evil, Resist Cold, Sanctuary, Shield*, Divine Weather (D)
2nd Level: Speak with Animal (sea creatures, horses, and bulls only), Warp Wood (D), SV: C3, Mor: 6, Items: holy symbol, knife, long robes. Main Emphasis: all are emphasized. Appearance: blond hair, medium build, fair complexion.

Revised/ Expanded Weapons

Cutlass: 2d4 damage, a curved broad sword
Harpoon: 1d6 damage, a spear with rope attached, opposed strength check to pull in targets hit with it
Hook: 1d3 damage, +3 bonus to disarm others
Knife: 1d3 damage, easy to conceal on one's person
Net: no damage, but those hit who are normal sized or smaller must save vs. paralysis/ make a Reflex save DC 15 or be stuck in it
Trident: 1d8 damage, can be hurled too, but with a -2 penalty to hit

Next week: Temples of Poseidon Part II!