Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Lords of Realms, Part III

Realms can range from heavenly to horrifying, and might even stretch to where one is. The lords provide the doors to such places, but the gods themselves can give their followers the keys, even if they themselves don't exactly match the realm's alignment.

Realm Divinities & Cults

Greek & Roman
Hades (Dis Pater): Beneath the earth, his faithful call upon earthy elemental and taking demonic lords of realms most often.
Hermes (Mercury): Travelling any of the realms, his messengers are most at home in the angelic and fey.
Poseidon: To sea realms, watery elemental and fey lords are fitting.
Zeus: Atop Mt. Olympus, he is served by both the angelic and the airy elemental lords.

Freyr: The bright realms Alfheim & Vanaheim enlist angelic and fey lords in his name.
Hel: Ruling Helheim into Niflheim, she is served by both devilish and cold elemental lords.
Odin: To Asgard & the other realms upon Yggdrasil, he sees most in angelic and elemental realms of high adventure.

Balor: Dark places of backward signs, such where demonic and devilish realm lords dwell.
Ceridwen: Transformative realms are fitting to the angelic and demon lords who obey her.
Cernunnos: Wild places harken to elemental and fey lords with plenty of fauna and flora.
Danu: She rules the Sidhe realms of the Tuatha de Danaan, and angelic and fey lords follow.
Manannan Mac Lir: To all the reflective realms apparent, his realms can be any, though must remain close to the current one as only a mirror would.

Ilmatar: Aerie & other elemental Realms beckon, and such lords who follow her answer.
Louhi: The dark northern realm of Pohjola is beset by realm lords both devilish and demonic.
Mielikki: Tontu laugh and watch, harkening to fey and earthy realms.

Baba Yaga: Such challenges await that only the worthy may answer. Fey and devilish lords of realms assist her with that.
Lada: Loving realms gush with light, water, joy, love. Lords of angelic, fey, and elemental water realms are only too happy to oblige. 
Svarog: Orderly lands of fire and forging requires angelic, elemental air, and elemental fire realm lords, and so he utilizes them.

Glycon: Claimed to be Asclepius or a snake spirit (or both), this being is possibly the Shield Ghul, and is served by angelic and demon lords in any case.
Tezschnaz: Goblin shamans are eccentric to say the least, and it is served by demonic and devilish lords.

Oh, The Worlds
a Realm Lord Encounter

Word is, some strange doings can be found at a nearby beach. Those who investigate will find that the fey beings rumored in the area aren't such a tall tale after all.

Map © John Godsland - licensed under CC BY 4.0 
Each square = 10'.   (Grass color has been modified).

1. The Sandy Reaches: This sandy area has an inviting freshwater stream drifting gently, roughly 80' away. Conifers waft upon the mild breeze belying a sense of wonder in the air. 

2. Mr. Sparklespoon: A strange looking, man-sized rabbit in a dinner robe sits on a fallen log, admiring a spoon. Though amiable and silly, those who fail to play along might earn its ire (and surprising strength).

MV: 60’, AC 2, HP 20, HD 4, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d6+4, SP: +2 to saves vs. those who are cruel or limiting, conjure fey realm (x2), knows 5 fey realm spells, SV: F4, Mor: 10, AL: N

3. Angered Pixies: While still fun, there's also a sense of disturbance in the air. A pixie, greatly annoyed that she is not truly in Fairyland, will take her angst out on any party members who remain in the vicinity, leading to only practical jokes if they're lucky.

MV: 60’ (fly), AC 3, HP 4, HD 1, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d4, SP: can become invisible at will (-4 penalty to hit), SV: E1, Mor: 7, AL: N

4. Wayfarer Statue: A stone representation of a man stands here. Close examination will show him to be wearing strange, ornate garb, and to have a look of shock on his face. He might very well be a former mortal now frozen in place, and might be a loyal wayfarer ally if one were enterprising enough to break the curse.

5. A Portal Apparent: A conjured fey realm effect originates here thanks to a wayfarer's test (possibly the statue at location 4. It has a radius of 300', stretching throughout the entire map. It is here that the party might experience its enchanting effect: that what is sought most is here, preventing any wanting to leave (see Part I). That effect might change within the next 1d2 hours (the realm will last here until the test ends in 8 hours- see also Part II).

The hollow stone structure nearby, sacred to Hermes, Freyr, Danu, or Mielikki, can lead to other adventures, possibly even to Fairyland itself, per Referee.

Next week: our series on Lords continues with Lords of Maidens!