Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Lords of Maidens, Part III

Maidens can embody the essence of their lords and divinities. What is more, such beautiful entities can often be found in the entourage of goddesses too, whose beauty is greater yet.

Maiden Divinities & Cults
Certain types of maidens tend to serve certain divinities.

Greek & Roman
Aphrodite / Venus: fey (nymphs & sirens) & elemental (fire & water)
Artemis / Diana: fey (fairy godmothers & sprites) & elemental (earth)
Athena / Minerva: angelic (muses & valkyries)
Hecate / Trivia: devilish (erinyes), demonic (succubi), & fey (fairy godmothers)
Hera / Juno: angelic (guardian angels & ancestral spirits) & devilish (nemeses & erinyes)
Hestia / Vesta: angelic only (guardian angels, muses, & ancestral spirits)

Norse & Anglo-Saxon
Freya / Freo: angelic (fylgjukonur, valkyries, muses, & disir) & fey (nymphs) & elemental (fire & air)
Hel: devilish (nemeses & hellions) & elemental (cold & water)
Jord / Eorde: angelic (disir & muses) & elemental (earth)
Skadi: angelic (fylgjukonur & valkyrie) & elemental (cold & air)
Sif : angelic (fylgjukonur & disir) & elemental (earth) 

Arianrhod: elemental (air) & devilish (nemeses) 
Brigid: angelic (muses) & fey (fairy godmothers)
Ceridwen: angelic (muses) & demonic (mothers of monsters)
Danu: angelic (ancestral spirits) & elemental (earth)
The Morrigan: angelic (valkyries) & demonic (furies)

Ilmatar: fey (fairy godmothers) & elemental (air especially)
Louhi: devilish (dominatrices & hellions) & demonic (mothers of monsters & possessing spirits)
Mielikki: fey (sprites) & elemental (earth)

Lada: fey (nymphs & sprites) & elemental (fire & water)
Mokosh: angelic (guardian angels & ancestral spirits) & elemental (earth & water)
Morana: devilish (erinyes), demonic (succubi), & elemental (cold & dry)

Unharmonia: demonic (any) & devilish (any)

Dangerous Women
a Lords of Maidens Encounter

Three menacing maidens await those brave enough to venture into their caves. Such probing can be sweet, but likely dangerous too. Those who endure and remain firm in their purpose might be granted the maiden's ongoing interest and attention. 

Looking very similar, each has different emphases. Visitors would be wise to heed them.

Treat them as maidens manifest, but without an enchanted one. The don't need to rolls for Maiden Side-Effects when using their powers as a result. Their effects are also doubled and last 1d3 hours each, being cumulative if applicable- up to thrice per individual affected (see Part II). 

Map © John Godsland - licensed under CC BY 4.0 
Each square = 5'. Ceilings are 5 + 1d3' in height.

1. The intersection here leads in three directions to other caves. The one to the SSW seems to crawl at the corners of the eyes. The one to the SSE has a soft, pleasant moaning sound at times. The one due E seems hostile and challenging. Still, all have an enticing aroma coming from them.

2.  Herein dwells Xylaith, a mother of monsters, one of Louhi's faithful. Those who endure her transformations (or at least provide others for them), can be her enchanted one. She is particularly fond of creating tentacles that probe others inappropriately, whether on herself or on others. The responses to her by the two other maidens in the caves would both likely be intense, though quite different.

Manifest Mother of Monsters
MV: 40’, AC 6, HD 4, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d6 + 4, SP: cause any she touches to have a +4 modifier by changing them (more) into a monster, allowing a hideous bonus, Charm Person, Jarring Hand, SV: F4, Mor: 12, AL: CE

This place holds Vilinnessa, a fey succubus and follower of Hecate. Those who endure her playful, enchanting draining and affections can be her enchanted one if they survive. Otherwise, her kiss may be on their list until she turns out their lights. She'd be happy to do the same with the other maidens in the caves, since she is quite the naughty fey.

Manifest Fey Succubus
MV: 40’, AC 6, HD 5, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d6 + 5, SP: Cause any she touches to be drained, taking a -4 penalty to all rolls, Cure Light Wounds (reversed), Light (reversed), Shocking Grasp, SV: F5, Mor: 12, AL: N(E)

And herein is, 
Xylania, an erinyes, currently serving Unharmonia. Unlike the others, she must be soundly defeated, and only then will she grudgingly bow to her new enchanted one (to later attempt to corrupt). To punctuate this fact, she is thrilled to have those she harms have trouble enacting vengeance against her. She also doesn't show her belly button since she's Lawful, unlike "those other loose hussies in the other caves".

Manifest Erinyes
MV: 40’, AC 6, HD 3, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d6 + 3, SP: cause any who meet her gaze to have a -4 penalty to enact vengeance & Sanctuary, SV: F3, Mor: 12, AL: LE

Next week: our series continues with Lords of Wardings!