Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Orcs, Part I

Stats: Orcs have the following modifiers.
     * +1d4 Strength & +1d2 Dexterity, along with -2d4 Intelligence, Wisdom, & Charisma.
     * +2d4 bonus to checks made to intimidate others and +1d4 to initiate attacks, being inherently belligerent.
      * Natural bullies as well, they must save vs. spell/ make a Will save DC 15 to refrain from being hostile to and/or taking advantage of those who they see as weaker than them.
     * Base 33% chance of being subterranean/ nocturnal, suffering a -1d4 rolls when in bright light, but can also see in the dark.

Orcish Divinities & Cults
Orcus, Magic Master Orc, fell imposters, Ape God, Pig Demon, other demon lords, evil gods.

HD: d6+2
Attack Bonus: +1 per 2 HD, rounded up (+1, +1, +2, +2, +3, etc.)
Saving Throws
Reflex- and Fortitude-based:+1 bonus per 2 HD.
Will-based: +1 per 4 HD.
Usual Weapons: axe, scimitar, spear, dagger
Usual Armor: chainmail or lighter
Special Abilities: Orcs have uniquely fell abilities, typically 1 per odd HD (1 for 1 HD, 2 for 3 HD, etc.) Each one  also has a matching compulsion too- an orcish urging, reflecting its depravity. Such urgings can be resisted by saving vs. spell/ making a Will save DC 15 on an individual basis, though most orcs lack the will to successfully do so, let alone the compunction. These urgings come in addition to the general orcish predilection to hostility, which remains primary if an orc ends up being torn between the two.

Though listed under particular orc types, orcish special abilities can be selected from different ones with the Referee's permission, especially if wishing to create other types of orcs (e.g. cave orcs, demonic orcs, etc.) Each ability can also be selected more than once, allowing the bonuses to compound each other. For example, selecting Magic Orc twice would allow the orc to cast spells as a 2nd level magic-user. 

Common Orcs
Orc Chieftain: gain a +1d4 bonus to hit, +1d4 HD, and a +1d4 bonus to saves. but must always maintain a harem, even if inopportune. Must also watch out for potential usurpers, who must save or attack him if he appears weak.
Orc Warriorgain an additional +1 bonus to attack, +1 to damage, and +3 hit points. Must attack anyone seemingly weaker than them though.
Magic Orc: gain the spellcasting abilities of a 1st level magic-user, but also roll for orcish magical side-effects (see Part II), and must work to set themselves above all others.
Orc Degenerate: gain a +4 bonus to manipulate and deceive others, but will destroy their own lairs and lands when frustrated.

Black Orcs
Orc Militant: can automatically ignore up to 3 of their other orcish urgings each day, but must attack any other orcs who do give into them.
Orc Warlord: can add 1 to their bonus either to hit, damage, or AC each round for every odd HD they have (+1 if 1 HD, +2 if 3 HD, etc.) when armored and fighting alongside other orcs, but must kill any orcs who fail to obey them.
Orc Witchdoctor: gain the spellcasting abilities of a 1st level cleric, but also roll for orcish magical side-effects (see Part II), being often possessed by fell spirits.
Golden Orc: can manipulate humans, causing them to save vs. spell/ make a Will save DC 15 or believe the orc is worthy of respect and admiration. Those under its spell must also save when encountering other orcs (even if they don't have this special ability). Non-golden orcs typically despise such orcs and will slay them when discovered unless they have good reason not to.

Primitive Orcs
Orc Savage: can do +1d2 damage per hit in melee and can immediately attack a foe once again after hitting them, but must keep attacking for at least 6d6 rounds, even going after allies if no others remain to try to kill during that time.
Ape Orcgain +2d4 to climbing checks, +1d2 x 5' climbing speed, a +1d2 AC bonus to dodge attacks, and can make two slam attacks each round for 1d3 + Strength modifier damage. Must otherwise act apishly, will not wear armor, and must flee from fire and other pyrotechnics.
Big Orc: gain 1d3 Strength and Constitution, 1d10' in height, and 1/2 the height increase in HD, rounded up (1-2': +1 HD, 3-4': +2 HD, etc.), but also lose 1d4 Dexterity and 2d6 Intelligence.
Pig Orcgain +1d3 x 5' charging speed, a +1d3 AC bonus vs. bludgeoning attacks, +2d3 hit points, and can make an extra attack against any foes that they knock down. Lose 1d3 Charisma and Dexterity though, and must act piggishly, and take and hoard any food, valuables, and comforts that they can get their hands on.

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