Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Clerics of Arawn, Part II

Arawn's Magical Side-Effects
The Lord of the Hunt, Death, and the Otherworld grants magic that is meant to be respected. Roll 1d12 to see what it is.

1. Angen Gwaith: Something is needed for the spell to work. Once given, it will.

2-3. Cyrraedd Yno: If something isn't provided, then the magic will only occur at 50% its usual strength. 

4. Yn Araf: The spell will happen, but if the cleric doesn't perform a requirement, its effects will only transpire 2d3 turns later.

5. Teyrnas ArawnAll within 1d6 x 10' gain a +1d3 bonus to certain rolls for the next 2d6 rounds, depending on which one of Arawn's aspects is manifest (roll 1d3): [1] the hunt, [2] death, or [3] the otherworld. 

6-8. Arwydd o Barch: Except for a minor occurrence representing the hunt, death, or otherworlds showing up (a 33% chance), the spell works as usual this time. 

9-10. GwychThe magic's effect, range, or duration can be boosted by 50% if a requirement is given. If not, then it works normally.

11-12. NertholThe spell occurs for an additional 50% bonus to its usual effect, range, or duration, as well as it not being expended so it can be used again that day. What is more, if the cleric fulfills a requirement, then the spell's aspect can be doubled instead.

Requirements by Aspect
When something is required, roll either based on which facet of Arawn the caster most resonates with or simply pick at random.

Lord of the Hunt (d4)
The spell must be cast around, in sight of, or involve...
1. The wilderness.
2. Someone unaware of the caster's presence.
3. Hounds (preferably ones that are white with red ears).
4. A contest with a rival.

Lord of Death (d4)
The spell must be cast within or involve...
1. Darkness.
2. Coldness.
3. Fear.
4. Death itself.

Lord of the Otherworld (d4)
The spell must involve...
1. A faerie bargain: something done in return for something else.*
2. Showing great respect for another's mate, possessions, and/or lands..
3. Trading places for a time.
4. Making or guessing a riddle.*
*Failing to abide by the bargain or having one's own riddle guessed results in divine test.

For example, a cleric of Arawn casts a spell and his player rolls a 3 (Cyrraedd Yno). So if he doesn't wants the spell to be reduced in strength 50%, his player can roll for a requirement. Since the cleric relates more to the Lord of the Otherworld, he rolls on that table and gets a 4 (Making or guessing a riddle). Therefore if the cleric makes or guesses a riddle, the spell will have its usual potency.

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