Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Loki Encounters, Part II

Temples (Hofs) of Loki

Form (d12)
1-2. Hole
3-4. Horgr (stone shrine)
5-8. Hut
9-10. House
11-12. Cave

Node (a Natural Place of Power, see Volume II)
- Chance of hof actually being located in one (22%)
- Chance of hof having one nearby instead (33%)

Sacred Space (d14)
The area will reflect at least one Lokian concept.

1. Spread mischief
2. Spread deception
3. Breed monsters- they make life more interesting!
4. Point out others’ flaws; it really helps to annoy them
5. Burn down the structures of those who would control you
6. Shapeshifting itself
7. Being a catalyst/ change/ instigation
8. Being an outcast
9-11. Reroll 1d10 twice
12-14.  All are emphasized

Special Properties 
(for all hofs)
At the Hof: Any non-lawful Norse can gain a +1d3 bonus to any rolls that reflect its sacred space (per table above), up to 3 times per day. 
Sacred Times: When it is sacred to Loki at the hof- new moons, overcast days, storms, or the like, all non-lawful Norse spellcasters can reroll their magical side-effects, but must take the second result, up to 3 times per day. Those who specifically follow Loki can gain a 1d8-4 modifier to the roll (-3 to +4), and may even pick which results they wish to use (a 50% chance, otherwise which result occurs is determined at random). 

Special Temple (Hof) Inhabitants
Many might happen to be at Loki's sacred places, but who knows?

Vagabonds (1d8; 50% chance)
Various forms of potential troublemakers.
MV 40’, AC 9, HD 1, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d3 (by weapon), SP: see Vagabond Encounters in Volume I for additional traits, SV: C1, AL C.

Large Venomous Serpents (1d4; 25% chance)
~5' long snakes.
MV 30', AC 7, HD 2, Atk 1, Dmg: 1d4 (bite), SP: poison- save or take 2d6 additional damage, SV F2; AL C.

Vicious Wolves (2d3; 25% chance)
Particularly malevolent looking and vicious.
MV 60', AC 6, HD 2, Atk 1, Dmg: 1d6 (bite), SP: +2 to hit foes when at least 1 other wolf is attacking them as well, SV F2; AL C.

Mischievous Fire Elementals (1d3; 10% chance)
Look like demented boys, prone to yelling "Fire! Fire! hehehe..."
MV 40', AC 3, HD 3, Atk 1, Dmg: 2d6 (fiery touch), SP: immune to fire & normal weapons, take 1d6 damage from water & double damage from cold, SV F3; AL C.

Giants (1d3; 10% chance)
MV 50', AC 6, HD 8, Atk 1, Dmg: 4d6 (weapon) or 2d20 (boulder), SP: special abilities depending on type- resistance to frost, fire, etc., SV F8; AL C.

Hags (1d3; 7% chance)
MV 40', AC 7, HD 4, Atk 2, Dmg: 1d6 (claws) or 1d6 (claws), SP: immune to non-magic weapons & to mind-affecting spells, can cast 1d6 Loki spells at will, SV C4; AL C.

(Each square = 5') 
It is a cave.
Its focus is: Shapeshifting itself.
At the hof: +2 to all rolls related to its focus.
Sacred times: 
storms (see above).

Entrance: The cave opening seems almost hard to pinpoint, strangely moving slightly, defying attempts at defining its exact form. 

Once inside, the effect seems stronger, with the walls appearing to adjust somewhat, not enough to change their location, only to slightly unnerve. Miscreant etchings on the floor are also visible. Strangely shifting candles stand scattered about, providing dim illumination.

2. Far Cavern: 1d3 vagabonds dwell here at any one time, engaged in their own interactions with 3 vicious wolves in a large cage. The vagabonds (#1: merchant, rob, drunk; #2: thief, question repeatedly, obnoxious; #3: woman, falsely accuse, delusional) will soon turn their unpleasant attentions to the party while the wolves began to growl aggressively.

3. Chamber of Change: Dancing insidiously, Fridmund Bodvarsson and/or Balki Finnsson (from Part I), is present, flicking paint upon the stone walls. These impressions adjust and change, disturbing those who enjoy law and order. Fridmund and/or Balki will likely insult any who aren't fond of shapeshifting or their own emphases, which could lead to a fight.

Next week: Quests of Loki, in Part III!