Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Totems: Bull, Part II

Totemic Side-Effects
The bull is quite direct in its approach. Roll 1d12 whenever one calls upon the totem to use a special ability or spell.

1-2. Charge! The spell or special ability must be used aggressively and up close- preferably as part of a charge. If not, then the totemist will do so anyway at the earliest opportunity, making a charge attack against a random target instead. A save vs. spell/ Will save DC 15 is required to resist even going after an ally in this case.

3-4. Bullish: This time, the special ability or spell must be used at least aggressively or up close- either one will do, certainly provoking any others who are prone to fighting. Otherwise, it will only work at 1/2 its usual strength.

5-8. No Side-Effect: Though evidence of bulls might be seem or heard in the distance, the spell or special ability works normally.

9-11. Dominant One: As long as doing so will demonstrate the bull follower's power to at least one member of the herd, the special ability or spell's effect, range, or duration can be improved by 50%.

12. Unstoppable: Not only is the range, effect, or duration of the special ability or spell increased by 50%, but the totemist  may also immediately take another action as long as it's aggressive, glowing bronze red.

In addition to rolling on the table above, bull shamans must also roll on the shamanism table whenever they cast a spell (link- see bottom).

Dietary Taboos

Should a totemist eat their totem or eat like their totem? Select or roll 1d4 to see.
1. Never eat one's totem. Always eat like them.
2. Only eat one's totem once, as part of an initiation. Strive to eat like them.
3. Eat one's totem only on special occasions, including as a requirement for casting spells. Otherwise, eat however you wish.
4. Eat however you wish.

Next week: Totems: Bull, Part III!