Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Skadi Encounters, Part II

Temples (Hofs) of Skadi

Form (d12)
Likely upon a mountain, if not one entirely.
1. Mountain
2-3. Mountain Peak
4-7. Horgr (stone shrine)
8-10. Hut
11-12. Lodge

Node (a Natural Place of Power, see Volume II)
- Chance of hof actually being located in one (20%)
- Chance of hof having one nearby instead (30%)

Sacred Space (d20)
The area will reflect at least one Skadian concept.

1-2. Honor the cold and highlands
3-4. Find freedom through rugged independence
5-6. Hunt & ski: ‘tis the way of life
7-8. Avoid the sea
9. Choosing mates, Having an icy heart
10-11. Setting things right
12. Noble giants, Risir
13. Scandinavia
14-20. All are emphasized

Special Properties (for all of Skadi's hofs)
At the Hof: Any free and honorable Norse present can gain a +1d3 bonus to rolls that reflect its sacred space (per table above), up to 3 times per day. 
Sacred Times: When it is sacred to Skadi at the hof- snows, notable views of the mountains, clear skies that show the stars, or the like, all free and honorable Norse spellcasters can reroll their magical side-effects, but must take the second result, up to 3 times per day. Those who specifically follow Skadi can gain a +1d3 modifier to the roll, and may even pick which results they wish to use. 

Special Temple (Hof) Inhabitants
The independence of the mountains requires ongoing vigilance.

Mountain Folk (1d12, 50% chance)
MV 40’, AC 8, HD 1+1, Atk: 1, Dmg: by weapon +1, SP: +3 to all mountain-related skill rolls, SV: F1, AL N.

Hunters (1d8, 50% chance)
MV 45’, AC 9, HD 1, Atk: 1, Dmg: by weapon, SP: +3 to all hunting-related skill rolls, SV: F1, AL N.

Wild Animals (1d6, 33% chance)
Roll 1d6: [1] bear, [2] wolf, [3] stag, [4-5] falcon, [6] goat

Landvaettir (Norse nature spirits; 1d6, 25% chance)
MV fly 50’; AC 6; HD 5; Atk naturalizing touch (1d4 INT dmg); SP bless, invisibility, incorporeal, immune to non-magical weapons; SV F5; AL N.

Berg Huldrar (Norse mountain nymphs; 1d3, 15% chance)
MV 40’, AC 7 (0 vs. those who are attracted to them), HD 4, Atk 1, Dmg: 1d6+1 club, SP: allure, charm person, animal summoning, plane shift, alter self, enlarge - all as level 7 clerics of Skadi, SV: M9; AL N.

Risir Frost Giants (1d3; 10% chance)
MV 50', AC 6, HD 10+1, Atk 1, Dmg: 4d6 (weapon) or 2d20 (boulder), SP: frost immune, 
66% chance can assume human size after 2d6 rounds at will, 33% chance can cast 1d6 spells per Skadi's list, see also the upcoming Volume V, SV F10; AL N.

Risir Mountain Giants (1d3; 10% chance)
MV 50', AC 6, HD 9, Atk 1, Dmg: 3d6 (weapon) or 3d20 (boulder), SP: better rock hurling, 66% chance can assume human size after 2d6 rounds at will, 33% chance can cast 1d6 spells per Skadi's list, see also the upcoming Volume V, SV F9; AL N.

See also Mountain Encounters in Volume I.

Map by (modified)
(Each square = 5') 
It is a mountain peak.
Its focus is: Find freedom through rugged independence.
At the hof: +1 to all rolls related to its focus for free and honorable Norse.
Sacred times: 
snows, clear skies that show the stars (see above).

Trail Up: The mountain path is coarse and liberating, watched over by 2 falcons who will alert those further up of any trespassers. Both Location 1 & 2 counts as a temple (hof) of Skadi.

2. Lower Peak Landing: 4 mountain folk dwell here, enjoying the pleasant view from on high. In case of emergencies, a landvaettir can be called upon too, though it more often dwells at path to the cliff to the east.

3. Upper Peak Landing: Higher yet, this area remains snow covered no matter the season. Hungerd Grimkeldottir (from Part I) is here along with her risir frost giantess companion Áðrúlp. The former will be welcoming of those with true intent. The latter seeks a man, focusing on the beauty of his feet of course, and will be quite forward about it. Unlike other giants  though, she seeks him for courtship rather than as a meal.

Next week: Quests of Skadi, in Part III!